Paragliding 26/04/05

After a long break I got the call from Tony that Slui Roy was on.  Raced from work and straight up the hill,  put my bag down at the top, turned round and was greeted by complete white out……….then it started to rain!   Decided to wait it out,  even though there was no cover.  Tony then arrived and as if by magic the clouds parted to reveal brilliant sunshine and a light 8mph SSE.  Then Keith arrived.  We all took off and found weak zero’s that extended a very nice top to bottom.  So nice in fact that we yomped back up again for another go in very smooth air.  It was a little bit more lifty but we all eventually went down for a spot comp that Keith won – again.

Lovely evening,  it was raining within 2 hours….April eh!

Saturday is looking very good according to weatherjack and the new look xcweather 5day forcast.