Flying 13/3/05

Hi all

Flying again this weekend!!

Things started with a white out on the mountain in the morning , with the mountain road well covered in snow. By about 11:30 this had all melted and the sun had dried most of the road off. So we had cold air and sun and a fair NW breeze turning W. Myself, Swales, Si, Keith, Mike and Jamie assembled on Slui Curn and threw Martin the HG off into a 12-15/18 mph breeze…..he went down……Swales then gave it a go on the Buzz and stayed up easily. Within a few minutes everyone else was off, easily soaring in weak but wide thermals. It was actually and pretty overcast day and there was very little sun about. The radio’s are now proving useful with people in lift now telling everyone else where it is, all very sociable. After about an hour the cold became too much and we all landed amongst the odd flakes of snow. It was very very cold and I must say I have never had hand pain quite so bad on landing. Toni then turned up, but by then it had turned off and he went down.

We saw Julian flying around the St Johns area…..dunno if any other motoring took place?

Well that’s two weekends of flying so far this month so things are looking up.

Fingers crossed for next weekend.