Froggy, Dirty Harry and Bills Brother

Slieau Curn

Usual forecast, usual place, different names. (Just thought in case your all getting too bored/depressed I’d liven up the title a bit).

Forecast looked just about OK (WSW 20mph) provided took off by 11am as wind eased but before wind switched SW and increased yet again. As last week, cloud well above the tops–Until I got rigged of course!! Base fell right down to way below me– and then it poured down. What fun, soaking wet glider, wind getting up.

After sheltering under glider (not so good in this department- too high aspect ratio), got half unrigged and dithered around. Base started to lift a bit got re-rigged and took off just under base around mid day mainly to save carrying down. Anybody know how much worse these rigid wings fly when soaking wet, I haven’t seen any reports??

Not too bad. In fact I didn’t notice any difference at all! Careful to stay out in front of the cloud as last week, then over onto Froggy, lovely smooth lift, throwing height away as I wallied around out front, veering in and out of front of the orographic cloud as it came and went. Again on top front edge of cloud mainly around 550m above sea level and up to 1350 ft ATO at best. Smooth but certainly not making fast progress out front.

Froggys OK. Not long but perfectly shaped. Could have flown much longer and could have got to coast but it wouldn’t have done me much good and days are short.
Nice 1.5 hours and wanted to try out a new landing field that I have had my eye on for some time at Cooil D Harry. Where to complete the title I was met by Bills Brother!!! Apparently he did a Para course.  Tried probably without sucess to talk him back into flying Paragliders or even the real thing– Rigid Wing Hang Gliding. Its just so easy.