WNW – Balleira Beach

The Balleira Beach launch is a small grassy bowl on the north side of the car park at Balleira Beach. On the south side is a clean waste water treatment outflow. There is room to launch one glider at a time. 

It is possible to inflate big wings in winds as little as 8 mph and even in such light conditions, a 45 degree right turn will lift you gently up the sand cliffs and take you along to Orrisdale Head and Ballaugh Beach to the north and down to Glen Mooar heading south.

This site works best in WNW winds but it is possible to take off relatively easily in W to NW winds although you should expect a little more turbulence if the wind is off. Take care in stronger conditions, particularly if the wind is off to the N.

With a good steady breeze the Peel run is a most enjoyable flight although there are no bottom landing options over significant parts of the route. Take care in strong conditions and be prepared to turn back if you find you are needing to make extensive use of the speed bar to make progress.

For less experienced pilots, the run north from Glen Wyllin to Ballaugh Beach and back is a great coastal flight and you will have a beach to land on even at high tide.