S – The Site With No Name

The Site With No Name (often abbreviated to TSWNN) is a south facing bowl to the west of Beinn-y-Phott. This site is convenient if you are in the north of the island and don’t fancy driving south to fly Keppel Gate or South Barrule in a southerly wind.

Leave your vehicle in the parking area next to the sheep pens to the north of the road. The wire fence is relatively low so it is easy to cross carefully in many places by climbing over the wire without causing damage.

There is plenty of room to take off so find an area where the ground is dry and make sure that you have a good steady breeze on launch.

It is straightforward to top land or slope land off to the sides of the bowl. It is best to land promptly if the wind starts to drop as bottom landing guides you to a ravine which doesn’t offer great landing options. For this reason, it is wise to only fly this site if there is a fresh breeze and avoid marginal or light wind conditions. Low airtime pilots should take particular care at this site.

[flexiblemap center=”54.244647,-4.515227″ maptype=”terrain” zoom=”14″ width=”100%”]