NW – Sartfell

Sartfell NW shares the same parking, access route and landing areas as Sartfell SW. There is plenty of room to top land and slope land out front. This site is usually used when the wind is too light for Slieau Curn or Ballaugh.

With Slieau Freoghane off to the north, it is possible to transition on to Slieau Curn and Ballaugh if you have enough height although this site is usually only ever used in light conditions as Ballaugh offers easier access for NW winds and Slieau Curn is an easier climb in a WNW.

If you drive up and leave your car at the last stone wall it is straightforward to land by the gate and collect your vehicle. If you leave the hill with ample height you will be able to bottom land in the regular Sartfell landing field.

[flexiblemap center=”54.254663, -4.559605″ maptype=”terrain” zoom=”14″ width=”100%”]