NW – Peel Hill

Peel Hill is a great coastal site but it is not suitable for low airtime pilots.

Warning – this site is unsuitable for inexperienced pilots. Ideally you will have at least 50 hours post Club Pilot, be competent in ground handling and have recent flight currency. You will need to be able to quickly recognise diminishing lift and make timely, accurate and safe landing decisions.

The north westerly face of Peel Hill was first flown, as far as we know, in 2017. This site works nicely in a north westerly wind of around 12 mph with take off just above the small quarry approximately 500 metres up the hill from Fanella Beach. If the wind is stronger then take off slightly slightly lower down beside the quarry.

It is recommended that you do not use this site if conditions are light or marginal.

There is ample room to lay out on grassy slopes making for a straightforward launch. If the wind is between WNW and W it is better to walk south to Corrin’s Tower and inflate on the grass to the west of the tower. However, at Corrin’s Tower the ground is virtually flat so pushing forward to launch requires effort.

Peel Hill is essentially a spine backed ridge so you are likely to encounter rotor if you fly low over the back for quite some way.

There is plenty of room to top land and there are a number of reasonable slope landing options. There are no bottom landing options out front, however, although it is possible to land on Peel Beach if you leave the hill with sufficient height.

Make sure you have a plenty of height before you attempt a beach landing as you will need to cross the harbour entrance. You may encounter rotor approaching the beach if you attempt a beach landing if the wind is further to the west than north west.

[flexiblemap center=”54.221208, -4.705221″ maptype=”terrain” zoom=”14″ width=”100%”]