ESE – Bulgham Bay

Bulgham Bay is a great coastal site but it is not suitable for low airtime pilots.

Warning – this site is unsuitable for inexperienced pilots. Ideally you will have at least 50 hours post Club Pilot, be competent in ground handling and have recent flight currency. You will need to be able to quickly recognise diminishing lift and make timely, accurate and safe landing decisions.

There is plenty of space on take off but bomb out options are not plentiful. It is possible to land at the bottom of the cliffs but you will need to make a careful and accurate landing. You will then face a steep climb back up. It is recommended that you do not use this site if conditions are light or marginal.

Take off is from a field in front of the tram lines. Land on the fields above and behind take off, a sufficient distance back to avoid rotor.

You can follow the coast down to Laxey and land on the beach if you have permission from Air Traffic Control. Controlled airspace begins just south of the Bulgham Bay bowl.

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