ESE – Balladoole

Balladoole launch is a field on top of sand cliffs dropping down to the beach north of Ramsey and accessed over a gate that is usually locked opposite the Northern Amenity Tip at Balladoole. Taking off here sets you up for spectacular coastal soaring down to Ramsey heading south and up to Shellag Point, Cranstal and beyond heading north. The ridge run north passes The Dog Mills on the way to Shellag Point and for this reason the site is sometimes referred to as The Dog Mills.

If the Ramsey Dolphin weather station is reading 10 knots then you should be able to soar comfortably although pushing forward to launch can be challenging as the wind in the venturi can be around 15 mph when the weather station is reading 10 knots. It is possible to launch and stay up in lighter winds but passing other gliders on the ridge then becomes tricky.

Good ground handling skills are particularly important at this site. If the wind is too strong there is a significant risk of being blown back onto the hedge. In this case take great care that your wing does not end up in the road.

[flexiblemap center=”54.348260,-4.383917″ maptype=”terrain” zoom=”14″ width=”100%”]